Spring 2023 Applications are open

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As Sandbox continues to grow, we aim to build a diverse and skilled team of developers with a variety of experiences, interests, and backgrounds.
Sandbox Community

our values

Be Kind

We see kindness as the first step in building an inclusive, supportive, and productive culture. We believe in giving kind and constructive feedback and don't tolerate brilliant jerks.

Learn Together

We aim to grow as developers by seeking technically challenging and interesting projects. We pair program frequently and stop to teach one another new things, even if it slows us down.

Make an Impact

We build projects that make a real impact on our clients and their work. With a pragmatic attitude towards software development, we're able to deliver solutions that are put into use.


Each Sandbox team works on one project for the semester. Our teams consist of developers, a project lead, and often a UX designer. Here are our current positions.
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How we recruit

The Tracks

At Sandbox, we use a track-based recruiting process to sort your application based on your degree of experience. Our objective with these tracks is to give you the right challenge that best showcases your skills and make sure we're evaluating your candidacy fairly.


For students who have completed Fundies 1 and maybe Fundies 2, might be taking OOD over the summer, and don’t have an extensive background in CS (or maybe haven’t taken any CS classes but have a little coding experience)


For students who have completed OOD and have either taken or are taking Algo. Students might be applying for their first co-op, just started one, or completed a co-op that didn’t involve web-development work.


For students who have developed a frontend or backend for a web application, especially those who have experience with it from a co-op or an internship. This is especially true if you have experience with the tools we use for our projects like React and Node.

Our Process

Sandbox Recruiting Process
  1. Application

    An application consists of a Google Form that helps us learn more about you, your background, and what makes you a good fit for Sandbox. Once you've submitted your application, we'll place you on a track and get the first round underway!

  2. Take-home Challenge

    The first round consists of a take-home coding challenge. There's a unique challenge for each of the three tracks, with the objective of guiding you to learn something new and exercising your skills. After the take-home challenge is completed, we'll narrow our candidate pool and move on to round 2.

  3. Interview

    The second and final round of our recruiting process will be a Zoom interview between you and two Sandbox members. It'll consist of a conversation about your background and experiences, as well as a coding portion.