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our values

Be Kind

We see kindness as the first step in building an inclusive, supportive, and productive culture. We believe in giving kind and constructive feedback and don't tolerate brilliant jerks.

Learn Together

We aim to grow as developers by seeking technically challenging and interesting projects. We pair program frequently and stop to teach one another new things, even if it slows us down.

Make an Impact

We build projects that make a real impact on our clients and their work. With a pragmatic attitude towards software development, we're able to deliver solutions that are put into use.

Semester Highlights

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We're looking for developers to work on research projects with researchers and professors as well as community projects for the Northeastern student body. We have frontend, backend, and full stack developers who are passionate about contributing to the community. As Sandbox continues to grow, we’re building a diverse and skilled team of developers with a variety of experiences, interests, and backgrounds to make amazing software with us. Click here to read more.

Brand Designer

We're looking for brand designers to build out the Sandbox brand and help us launch our latest initiative, Oasis, a software incubator created to help students get hands-on experience building software projects. Oasis is launching this Fall with support and excitement from students, mentors, and Khoury College. Click here to read more.

Oasis Mentor

Looking for a mentorship opportunity? Oasis is a recently-launched program sprung out of Sandbox that helps students new to the field of computer science make their project ideas into a reality. As an Oasis Mentor, you will be a mentor to one or more groups of the Oasis Accelerator program, where students form teams to work on their project ideas throughout 10 weeks. Click here to read more.

UX Designer

We're looking for UX designers to join our project teams and make direct contributions towards building projects for researchers, professors, and the Northeastern student body. They work hand in hand with their teams to design stunning user experiences and deliver real applications to production. Click here to read more.