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We’re constantly on the lookout for meaningful, impactful, and exciting projects because we love the challenge of building real products that a client depends on.
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No cost for clients

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Work closely with a team of our developers and designers

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A deliverable product in 2-3 semesters

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The Sandbox Client Process

Client applications for Fall 2024 are currently open! If you’d like to work with us starting in Fall 2024, please fill out our project proposal by clicking the 'Apply now' button below and we’ll be in touch with next steps!
Sandbox Client Process
  1. Apply Online

    After you submit an application, our Head of Project Acquisition will set up a quick meeting to learn more about your needs and how we can help.

  2. Work With Us

    If we decide to move forward, you’ll be assigned a team of developers and designers led by a project lead who will regularly meet with you throughout the semester to ensure the project is on track and aligned with your vision.

  3. Spread The Word

    Sandbox is continually retiring completed projects and looking for new ones. We rely heavily on existing connections to help us find new projects and clients every semester, so we hope you’ll help spread the word about what we do!

Is your project a good fit for Sandbox?

Your project is a web or mobile application

Our teams have the most experience with web and mobile applications. However, if you need something else, we’re happy to talk and explore other possibilities!

Your project has a completion time of 2-3 semesters

Depending on the project, this timeframe can be extended! However, our most successful projects tend to last 2-3 semesters (with a possible summer semester for hand-off and maintenance).

You are a researcher, graduate student, or organization looking to develop an application that makes an impact!